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“To understand anything else in the world, we must first understand and know ourselves.” ~Socrates

What is the First Step?

The first step is to book an initial assessment!

All sessions are on the video conferencing platform ZOOM. $500/hr 

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Individual Coaching

I recommend 5-10 sessions to allow us the container to do our work together.  Most people like to meet every week as it provides consistency and helps to build momentum to create effective change. After the first initial package, we can create an ongoing package that supports you in sustaining your well-being and growth.  This may look like continuing every week, or reducing the sessions to 2-3 times a month.

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Group Package

For some people, small group coaching (no more than 6) may be the best approach for learning and ongoing support.  Most people benefit from a combination of individual and group coaching, alternating every other week.  The group environment provides a different kind of benefit as people enjoy learning from others and feeling a sense of being connected and walking alongside others who are also on the path of developing themselves.

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Everyone will benefit from learning the Enneagram because it is a study of the human being and how people function on the inside.  It is a user manual that specifically illustrates how a person operates in 9 different patterned ways.  We have a user manual for everything we want to learn about, why not for ourselves?  When we learn how all the parts of ourselves; the mind, heart, body and soul work together, we are able to become more congruent and become powerful to make effective change within ourselves and in our lives. Enneagram is about creating enough space for people to exercise choice rather than repeat their automatic behavioral patterns.  So, it is not so much about finding the person that you are, but about becoming the person you want to become by choosing who and what that is.

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Ignite Coaching Program

When you are ready to go deeper, we commit to a 90 day coaching program where you learn about yourself in ways you have never known before.  You take the step of courage to journey into your heart and uncover what it is that you truly want.  You learn about the Enneagram and arrive at a provisional assessment of your particular Type-Pattern and all the ways it impacts you.  We look at your family history and patterns and uncover the stories that you have adapted that have been limiting your beliefs about what you deserve; what you can have and who you can become. You experience deeply what it means to have Acceptance, Compassion and Real Purpose in your life. This coaching program begins on a set date where you will be onboarding with other people who have also committed to this journey. The program consists of:

  1. Onboarding to an online learning management system where you will have access to lesson videos to view at any time, creative assignments to complete, and interactive sessions with myself and others.
  2. Longer individual sessions with me where we do specific and targeted work rather than the initial coaching sessions.
  3. Group Sessions: where you learn and process with other participants and find support for your journey.
  4. Partner work: where you do specific exercises to further your practice.
  5. Voxer support: where you can communicate with me when you get stuck on an assignment.

(The pre-requisite to this program is an initial 5-10 sessions of Individual Coaching.  This is a necessary time period to build rapport and have you experience learning and practicing the tools of self-mastery to bring you to a level of stabilization and joy.) 

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