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Coach Jane

Jane is a Life Coach with a background in therapy & extensive training in the Enneagram (Personality tool to help you better understand yourself).  Her passion is helping people make effective changes to make their life work better and eventually wake up to a life worth dreaming about.  If you're ready to start living and enjoying your best life, book a session today.

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My Services

The first step is a one hour initial assessment.  From there, you can decide which service best suits your needs.  My service offerings range from individual coaching, group coaching to a 3 month coaching program. Click on the item below for a full description of the service. (Initial session is $525 1 hr)

Individual Coaching Session

1 hour $525

Package of 10 ($4500)

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Group Sessions

75 minutes $225 per session

This is a package of 4-5 consecutive group sessions

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Ignite Coaching Program

3 months Starts at $5500

This package is a combination of individual, partner work, group, and an online live course in community.

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Ignite Coaching Program

When you are ready to go deeper, we commit to a 90 day coaching program where you learn about yourself in ways you have never known before.  You take the step of courage to journey into your heart and uncover what it is that you truly want.  You learn about the Enneagram and arrive at a provisional assessment of your particular Type-Pattern and all the ways it impacts you.  We look at your family history and patterns and uncover the stories that you have adapted that have been limiting your beliefs about what you deserve; what you can have and who you can become. You experience deeply what it means to have Acceptance, Compassion, and Real Purpose in your life.

This coaching program begins on a set date where you will be onboarding with other people who have also committed to this journey. The program consists of:

  1. Onboarding to an online learning management system where you will have access to lesson videos to view at any time, creative assignments to complete, and interactive sessions with myself and others.
  2. Longer individual sessions with me where we do specific and targeted work rather than the initial coaching sessions.
  3. Group Sessions: where you learn and process with other participants and find support for your journey.
  4. Partner work: where you do specific exercises to further your practice.
  5. Voxer support: where you can communicate with me when you get stuck on an assignment.

The pre-requisite to this program is an initial 5-10 sessions of Individual Coaching.  This is a necessary time period to build rapport and have you experience learning and practicing the tools of self-mastery to bring you to a level of stabilization and joy.) 

Benefits of the Coaching Process

Personalized one-on-one coaching where I can help you feel successful and be genuinely proud of your achievements. 

Get more from life in personal fulfillment, relationships, and your professional career. 

Develop a relationship with yourself like you've never known before. Get ready to see how everything changes.

Be Excited to be You!

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