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About Jane

I am a Life Coach with a Therapist background.  I’m also an Entrepreneur and an Enneagram Specialist.  What makes me different about other Coaches is that I’m a one-stop shop.  There is no need to search for multiple professionals to help you with all the areas of your life because I have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide a 360 assessment of all the parts of who you are.

Coaching is different than therapy.  Therapy is about looking at events in the past that were too overwhelming for you that got you stuck and unable to move forward.  Coaching is about looking at your present life and where you would like to be in the future and working towards that.  As we assess your current life, we work together to learn new tools and put processes in place to make your life more manageable. You experience what it means to be in a state of stabilization so that you can enjoy your life more. Isn’t that the purpose of life? 

My clients are always surprised when this happens more quickly than they imagined.  This process is not about working hard.  This process is about working smart and adapting new and effective skills to become masterful to implement strategies that get you the results you want. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing and expecting different results.”  It’s time to try something different that actually works for you.

Major tools I use in the Coaching Process:

  1. The Enneagram
  2. Family Inherited Programming
  3. Somatic Processing

Why I use the Enneagram as a major tool:

Everyone will benefit from learning the Enneagram because it is a study of the human being and how people function on the inside.  It is a user manual that specifically illustrates how a person operates in 9 different ways.  We have a user manual for everything we want to learn about, why not for ourselves?  When we learn how all the parts of ourselves; the mind, heart, body and soul work together we are able to become more congruent and become powerful to make effective change within ourselves and in our lives. Enneagram is about creating enough space for people to exercise choice rather than their automatic behavioral patterns.  So, it is not so much about finding the person that you are, but about becoming the person you want to become by choosing.

When I first became a therapist (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist) and started to work with people, I quickly realized that something was missing.  The traditional therapy lens was to look for what was wrong with a person. However, when we are looking for something wrong the likelihood of finding it is high.  I often tell my clients that it is not so much about the answers we are getting but the questions we are asking.  What if instead of asking “what has gone wrong with the person” we started to ask what is “right” or “merely so about the person”?  The answers to that question will be entirely different and will support people to build on what is right about them.  That is what the Enneagram helps to differentiate.  The Enneagram isn’t a tool to look for what is wrong about you but to clearly show what patterns you have been repeating in your experience with yourself and others. From this place of being able to objectively see your automatic tendencies and habits, you will be able to choose a better response for yourself.

Inherited Family Systems

We all believe we know much more than we actually do.  The things that impact us most is not what we know, but we don’t even know that we don’t know.  Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to be able to change a behavior even when you know it is not good for you?  Have you ever wondered why it is especially hard for you to make a certain change in your life that other people have an easier time doing?  This is where we look at your particular family system and the set of beliefs that have been passed down to you.  By taking a closer look at this, you are able to see what is the root of the issue, and finally able to resolve it at its source.

Somatic Processing

We use our breath and sensations we observe in our body to help us process our emotions, let go of limiting beliefs and restore us to feeling and being more grounded and present in our body.  This is the foundation of our work together.

Initial Assessment

The first step in our work together is our initial assessment where we take the time to get to know each other and what you are needing and wanting to change.  I assess and provide you a 360 view of what is impacting you and your life and explore what options will benefit you the most:

3 Possible Options of Working Together after Our Initial Assessment:

Individual Coaching Session

1 hour $500

Initial session is $500


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Group Sessions

75 minutes $225 per session

(6-8 people)


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Ignite Coaching Program

3 months

This package is a combination of individual, partner work, group, and an online live course in community.

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*Graduated from U.C Davis in 2001, with Double Major: Organizational Sociology, Communication

*Graduated from USF in 2007 with a Master's in Counseling Psychology.  


TherapistJane's Therapy Experience

Over 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist. 

Additional Certifications Completed 2020-2021:  

Positive Parenting TTT certification

Mark Wolynn's Inherited Family Trauma certification.

Mario Sikora's Awareness To Action with the Enneagram, Module 1, 2, 3

Susan Olesek's EPP 9 Prisons 1 Key

Marion Gilbert's Somatic Enneagram (2021)


Since 2015, I intensely studied the human personality and its 9 type patterns, also known as the Enneagram.  Completed over 35 trainings and certifications with the best teachers in the field of the Enneagram; Ranging from Individual Coaching, Business Consulting to Transformational Process Work.


10+ years of experience as an Entrepreneur in multiple industries. 15 years of Marketing, Sales, and Management experience.

Non-Profit Experience

Growing a non-profit from 5 volunteer members to a 250 member organization. Leading staff & members in personal and spiritual growth in weekly productions, workshops, and retreats.

Landmark Education

The Forum, Communication Programs:  Access to Power, Power to Create. 

The Team Management & Leadership Program, Team 1 Leader.

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